Healing, Through Movement.

We believe in the healing power of movement, and that by empowering Wellness Practitioners with better tools and technology, we can make holistic healing more accessible, to those in pain.

By helping wellness providers reach more patients, we help patients access more holistic healing.

Meet the Team

Spanning Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific timezones, the Viasana team believes in fierce collaboration, transparent communication and above all, loves to solve problems.

  • Joe
    Joseph Spradley

    Wellness instructor, game designer, and fearless founder of Viasana. You can most often find Joe teaching patients and providers about the value of Telehealth, working to heal the world thorugh movement and teaching online Pilates classes from his (current) home in San Diego.

  • Scott
    Scott Meis
    VP Business Development

    With almost 20 years of experience working as a Physician, leading Account Management and Patient Experience for large health systems and practicing as cash-based PT, Scott feels most at home when helping others. When he's not coaching our wellness providers, you can find him cheering and coaching his daughters in youth soccer.

  • Andrew
    Andrew Conklin

    Over 15 years of experience prototyping and maturing software systems for customers. You can most often find Andrew nose-deep in his code console, coaching founders on how to incorporate good technical planning into early stage ventures, or walking his dog, Merlin, around his home in Washington, DC.

  • Sade
    SADÉ Meeks
    Social & Brand

    Sadé focuses on helping us bring Viasana's mission to the masses by leading our approach to social media, guiding our brand presense through videos, and being an all-around all-star in the fields of food activism and nutrition. When she's not in front of (or directing) the camera, you can find Sadé treating patients of her own, as a registered Dietitian in Nashville.

  • Emily
    Emily Rodriguez

    With over 6 years of experience in the administrative field, Emily has helped wrangle calendars and schedules for leading executives and a performance art venue, in Nashville. When she's not keeping us all on track, you can find Emily playing with her dogs, roller skating and settling into her new hometown: Atlanta!

  • Melonie
    Melonie Levernier
    Finance & Accounting

    Chiropractor turned Master Accountant, Melonie knows the challenges of starting a cash-based wellness practice, first-hand. She started and ran her own cash-based Chiropractic care business and now helps us strategize and plan our financial future.

  • Joell2
    Joell Shepperson

    Joell has (almost) 15 years of experience designing and launching new tech products, mostly in healthcare. You can most often find her noodling in front of a whiteboard, dabbling in code with Andrew, or riding her horse, Sly, in Colorado.

Connect with us.

Whether you're a provider, patient, or just someone who cares about wellness and wants to be involved in Viasana, we'd love to chat.

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