A Simpler Wellness Practice

Whether we're working with patients, or supporting PTs in their journey to start their own business - we are here to help people heal through movement.

Helping to Heal

Our provider support focuses on simplifying the path to cash-based, independent practice while working with patients to help them match to a physical therapist.


Are you considering practicing as a solo practitioner in your area, but aren't quite sure where to begin? We can help provide one-on-one consultation and offer a technology platform to get you started, without breaking the bank.


The rise of telehealth has introduced new ways to receive healthcare across the medical field, and physical therapy is no exception. However, finding independent physical therapists in your area can still be a challenge — that’s where ViaSana can help.

50% of Physical Therapists are considering a career change due to burnout.

According to a 2019 article from WebPT, over half of Physical Therapists are feeling burn out due to long hours, low wages, and feeling that they are not delivering the care they can or want to their patients. 

Viasana was created to address this problem head-on by empowering PTs to start their own cash-based practices through one-on-one consulting and simpler technology to better engage with and treat patients.

Ready to Simplify Your Practice, Today?

Every practice is different. Let's talk about yours. Enter your email address here and a Viasana teammate will be in touch to chat about your goals and needs.

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